Travel safety: How can flying be made extra safe?

Many companies are thinking about how they can protect their employees from infection by the coronavirus on future business trips: there is a particular focus on arrival and departure. More and more companies are therefore discovering charter flights as a safe travel option.

What is feasible with charter flights?

  • Seat occupancy in line with your requirements (e.g. free middle seat)
  • Departure from smaller or less frequented airports is possible
  • Your own check-in counter (with individual branding, on request)
  • Check-in is even possible at the hotel, event location or elsewhere
  • Hostess option (e.g. to dispense hand sanitizer or hand out masks)
  • Flight Manager option (personal point of contact at the airport and, if need be, on board, possibly to maintain social distancing when boarding)
  • Adapted catering (e.g. pre-packed snack bags)
  • Arrival at smaller or less frequented airports is possible
  • Arrival at airports closer to your meeting/event (for shorter journey times)
  • Organisation of bus transfers to your destination (capacity to suit your needs)

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