Group flights for the European Football Championship

Be close to the action when your team competes to win

 EURO 2021 will take place! The top European teams will be competing for the title in 2021. The host cities remain the same. Fans now just need a flight to their favourite match. Whether or not you have tickets for a game, book your group flight now to cheer on your team with your friends.


 Where do you want to fly?

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EURO 2021: Download the match schedule now 

Download match schedule

Euro 2021: Why fly with Pro Sky?

Pro Sky makes flying with groups simple. You can easily book group flights with us. The process is especially fast and stress-free.

  • You can plan and book flights for more than 10 people, such as for your entire club or circle of friends.
  • We provide you with your own personal point of contact. That means individual advice and no waiting on hold.
  • We have years of experience with flights for fan groups and regularly fly large groups to World/European Championships.
  • A small down payment is generally sufficient. Plus: Changing the names of travellers is free of charge until the tickets are issued.
  • We provide short, understandable contracts in easy-to-read language. This means no hidden costs and maximum transparency.
  • Book our emergency standby service to get instant/fast (depending on package) assistance in case of problems on the day of the flight.

Who are those flights suitable for?

Our offer is open to all groups with a minimum of ten people. For the EURO 2021 games, we are most frequently creating options for:

  • Football clubs: Whatever the league you play in, we fly your complete team (including companions, trainers and club management if you wish) to the European Championship!
  • Fan clubs: Do you want to cheer on your team at the stadium instead of in front of the TV? We make it happen and fly your entire fan club to the EURO 2021 host cities so you can support your favourite team!
  • Groups of friends: Experience the European Football Championship in 2021 with your friends and make the trip one of the highlights of your friendship!
  • Football fan groups: Celebrate together on the ground instead of alone at home! Form groups and experience the match-day atmosphere together!