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Since its creation in 1996, Pro Sky has collected more than 200.000 quotations from over 4.000 different airlines. Based on our data and experience on the market, we’ve developed an algorithm that enable us to calculate a precise price estimation. Prices vary according to several dimensions such as the period of the flight (High season or Low season), the day of departure and arrival (week days or weekend) or the length of your stay on-site. Prices shown are only estimation and should not be considered as granted prices.

After having compared different aircraft categories, you can request your favorite aircraft type by clicking on the blue button REQUEST. A new page will pop-up, it will recap your demand and ask for some more information. Click on SUBMIT to send out your request. A PRO SKY expert will come back to you as soon as possible with a concrete offer.

  • Total price = Price to charter the aircraft.
  • Price per PAX = Price per passengers (Total Price / Number of passengers).
30 Seaters Turboprop Dornier 328, Saab 340 35 seats 1,500 km
50 Seaters Turboprop ATR-47 50 seats 1,200 km
50 Seaters Jet Embraer 145 50 seats 2,500 km
70 Seaters Turboprop ATR-72; DASH Q400 70 seats 1,400 km
70 Seaters Jet Embraer 170; CRJ 700 70 seats 2,500 km
100 Seaters Jet Embraer 190; Fokker 100 109 seats 3,500 km
150 Seaters Jet Airbus A319; Boeing 737-300 & 737-700 150 seats 6,000 km
180 Seaters Jet Airbus A320; Boeing 737-800 189 seats 6,000 km
200 Seaters Jet Airbus A321; Boeing 757 220 seats 7,000 km
250 Seaters Jet Airbus A330-200; Boeing 767 300 seats 10,000 km
350 Seaters Jet Airbus A330-300; Boeing 777 400 seats 14,000 km


In order to request scheduled flights for your group, we invite you to click on the REQUEST button that is situated above the filter option of the departing and returning flights.

On the scheduled flights tab, you will be able to see separately departing and returning scheduled options. PRO SKY Find & Fly is using data from a flight API. You can play with the filters option in order to reduce the number of flight options, and in order to sort the flights with the criteria you wish.

Step-by-step guides

Do you want to understand all that the flight search tool can do? Then take a look at our illustrated step-by-step flight search guide.