Events in Europe: What is currently allowed?


Due to corona many events in 2020 have been cancelled or postponed. In autumn, the event industry is looking a little more optimistically to the coming months, planning meetings, incentives and conferences. However, different rules apply here depending on the country. We have summarized the regulations of selected European countries, informing you what is allowed and where. But first a few tips for a safe journey. 

Arriving safely at the event with charter flights

A charter flight often makes sense for larger groups of 15 people or more. The main argument: charter flights are cheaper than private jet flights while also being a much safer option than booking a seat in business class. In contrast to scheduled flights, you decide on seat occupancy and can fly to smaller and less frequented airports (possibly even from a business terminal). This means your travel route is not only shorter, but you also save time and have less contact with strangers.

Particularly popular in corona times is the option of arranging your own check-in desks at airports as well as check-ins at a desired location. Also possible are transporting baggage to/from the aircraft, catering adapted to needs (e.g. packed snack bags), bus transfers (for required capacity) as well as personnel support in the form of a hostess service (e.g. to hand out hygiene kits) or a flight manager as a personal point of contact at the airport and, if required, on board (e.g. to maintain social distancing during boarding or to carry out health checks).

Which events can take place? | September update






Austria Indoor & outdoor events 500-750 / 17.08.2020
Belgium Indoor & outdoor events 100/200 / 29.06.2020
Bulgaria Indoor & outdoor events 30 Indoor and outdoor gatherings of more than 30 people are prohibited. Sports activities are permitted indoors + outdoors including swimming pools.

July 2020


Croatia Indoor & outdoor events More than 40 / 10.08.2020
Cyprus Just Indoor & outdoor catering events. Other events are not allowed. 150/250

The maximum number of persons in catering areas remains 150 persons indoors and 250 persons outdoors. Provided that the maximum number is calculated on the basis of the open air area with one person per 2 sq. m. excepting the workers. The maximum number of persons in indoor areas is one person per 3 sq.m., regardless of the square metre area of each establishment, in accordance with the relevant Protocol.

The organizing of fairs, festivals, exhibitions and concerts in places such as stadiums, churchyards, and so forth, is banned. It is understood that the organizing of concerts and theatrical performances at open air amphitheatres, provided that the spectators are seated and the relevant Protocol is strictly adhered to as regards distancing, the maximum number of persons, ticket selling, etc.

The holding of conferences, general meetings or other similar assemblies, is permissible, provided that the organizers apply the protocols in force according to the venue, as well as the measures concerning the maximum number of participants, distancing among the delegates, etc. It should be noted that in case coffee/snacks/cocktails are offered in the course of a conference, the maximum number of persons, that is 50 each time, should be observed.

Czech R. Outdoor 500/2500 / July 2020
Denmark Outdoor 100 / /
Estonia Indoor & outdoor events 1500/2000  / 08.08.2020
Finland Indoor & outdoor events 500 / 31.07.2020
France Indoor & outdoor events 5000 Strict health rules apply for shows, cinemas, casinos and so on. There is an upper limit of 5,000 people per venue. Nightclubs remain closed. Stadiums and racing tracks may reopen to the public from 11 July. There is an upper limit of 5,000 people per venue. 14.09.2020
Greece Public and social & events 50 Nationwide limit of 50 people on the number that can gather for public and social events.  July 2020
Iceland / 100   16.08.2020
Ireland Indoor & outdoor events 100/500   18.07.2020
Italy Indoor, outdoor & public events   By effect of the ordinance of August 16, 2020, dancing activities which take place in discos and any other space open to the public are suspended, both outdoors and indoors. It should be noted that the Ordinance does not regulate events of a private nature that are intended for specific individuals and chosen based on personal bonds, friendship, or kinship. As far as these events are concerned, as indiscriminate access by the public is not allowed, the restrictions laid down in the above-mentioned Ordinance do not apply.  07.09.2020
Montenegro Indoor & outdoor events / Attendance at any public gatherings is limited to a maximum of 20 people indoors, or 40 people outdoors. A distance of at least 2 metres between attendees is required. Gathering of citizens for political rallies is limited to a maximum of 100 people in open public places, and 50 people in closed public places. 01.08.2020
Netherlands Indoor & outdoor events 100/250 If people have not made reservations and have not undergone a pre-entry health check, the maximum number of people is limited to 100, provided everyone can keep sufficient distance from one another. Traffic routes in the building must be clearly marked. A maximum number of 250 people applies in situations where people have not made reservations or undergone a pre-entry health check, or where they do not have their own seat. One example is spectators along the edge of sports pitches September 2020
Poland / No restriction Outdoor concerts and events are allowed with limits on numbers attending. But in areas with high infection rates, the authorities may set limits that are much lower and in some cases, events may be cancelled at short notice. 01.08.2020
Slovenia Public & social events / A maximum of 50 people may gather and socialise in public at the same time and same place. 01.09.2020
Spain Public, private and social events Assessment criteria for each event by the authorities.    16.09.2020
Sweden Public gatherings/events 50 Swedish authorities have banned public gatherings of more than 50 people. September 2020
Switzerland / Up to 1.000 You may be asked to leave your details (e.g. when visiting bars and restaurants) to enable contact tracing. September 2020
United Kingdom Gatherings 6   September 2020

**By official sources of the respective country

Please note: The information shown refers only to countries for which we have been able to obtain information from official sources. Further restrictions may apply to countries not listed here. Furthermore, we cannot guarantee the completeness and correctness of the information provided. If you are planning an event, please check the current regulations from the respective country’s official sources.