Most searched travel destinations in July

1st place: Mallorca

Mallorca has always been in the top five of the most searched destinations on Find & Fly. How come? It's located close to the European mainland while also being an excellent MICE destination.

Whether you want luxury or adventure, mountains or beaches, Mallorca has plenty to offer groups, boasts a wide range of incentive options, and offers beautiful natural surroundings. The island is a year-round attraction for groups from all over Europe and has already become a real, classic MICE destination.

Airport code: PMI

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2nd place: Paris

What would Europe be without Paris? The French capital is considered the centre of art, fashion and cuisine, attracting thousands of travellers every year. But anyone believing that Paris can be summed up with the Eiffel Tower, small cafés, Notre Dame, walks along the Seine and a visit to the Louvre is very much mistaken.

It's not just the multitude of sights and the special charm that make a visit to the city of love so appealing. It's also the way the city successfully balances its rich heritage with contemporary demands: the cosmopolitan city boasts a sparkling array of conference facilities, MICE activities and well over 100 trade fairs.

Airport code: PAR

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3rd place: Barcelona

Colourful and vibrant, Barcelona has always been one of the most popular destinations for MICE groups. It has excellent infrastructure, plenty of options for activities, a large choice of potential local partners, and culture.

The city on the coast delights with culinary attractions and art you can touch. The city is constantly reinventing itself offering even returning MICE groups new experiences time and again. It has truly established itself as a MICE classic that is predestined for a European city-trip. This means persistently good rankings among our most popular destinations on Find & Fly.

Airport code: BCN

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4th place: Antalya

Long sandy beaches, the azure blue of the sea, the historical old town: for many, this port city, also known as the "Turkish Riviera", is the perfect holiday destination. Antalya also has lots for MICE groups to discover. So it's no surprise that the city has made it into 4th place.

Antalya's surroundings offer spectacular experiences amongst nature. For example, balloon rides above the majestic volcanic landscape of Cappadocia, adventure tours in wetsuits through the Göynük Gorge with river hikes, zip lines and swimming breaks included, and thermal bathing in the snow-white terraced cliffs of Pamukkale. Tour groups will experience southern Turkey at its best in Antalya.

Airport code: AYT

Note: Forest fires are currently spreading in the area around Antalya, and some places have been evacuated due to the fires. Before travelling, please check the situation there.

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5th place: Marrakesh

Marrakesh has been a long-time favourite for Find & Fly searches. The historical city has regularly secured a top five ranking, inspiring event planners and travel managers alike.

One possible reason for this is that travellers are able to immerse themselves in a fascinating culture, in the hustle and bustle of the many colourful alleyways and magnificent architecture. Just a short trip away from Europe, MICE groups can discover a whole new world, enjoy the exotic flair, indulge in culinary delights and experience truly special incentive trips. You haven't been to Morocco yet? Marrakesh might just be the place to convince you to visit soon.  

Airport code: RAK

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