Personal Idea Award

Find & Fly: Quentin Rouxel receives personal Idea Award

At the initiative of the creation of Find & Fly, Quentin Rouxel, Marketing and Product Director, has been awarded the PERSONAL IDEA Award by ICJ Marketing. Through this personal recognition, the entire Pro Sky team is pleased with this news. "There is nothing easier than having ideas. The hardest part is to collectively know how to develop them and to meet your market" explains the main person concerned.

ICJ Marketing writes: "When employees stand out with remarkable ideas that later become product innovations used by the company, the employee behind the success receives, at best, internal recognition. In its market, the company benefits from the idea, but the initiator remains behind." With the PERSONAL IDEA Award, ICJ boss Gerald Huft wants to change that and honor creative people.

Why was Quentin Rouxel chosen? "When Quentin joined Pro Sky for a six-month internship, it was initially an adventure with an expiration date for him. Staying there was not part of his plans. But things turned out differently, because Pro Sky recognized his potential. That's how he started his professional career, catapulting him to the position of Director of Marketing and Product Development in just five years," writes ICJ Marketing.  "His biggest success to date in this fast-paced career is probably the launch of the Find & Fly platform - a tool that simplifies the organization of group travel on scheduled and charter flights. Quentin not only designs innovative products at Pro Sky, he also has a customer-oriented vision, a good sense of trends to follow and the ability to motivate and inspire his team. For the idea and implementation of the Find & Fly platform, which significantly enhances Pro Sky's comprehensive service for group and VIP air travel, Quentin Rouxel is honored with the PERSONAL IDEA Award."