Reasons behind the new Find & Fly environment

Our mission at Pro Sky, in case you don’t know already, is to simplify Group and VIP flights. Like the growing community of users on Find & Fly, we believe there should be an easier way to organise group flights worldwide.

When we started this journey to digitalise group flights in 2017, our main goal was to give customers prices instantly online. At the time, the idea of getting precise cost estimates on chartering a plane from A to B was highly innovative. To create a potential solution, we processed masses of data collected from hundreds of airlines from recent years. We eventually developed several algorithms representing eleven aircraft categories. We used these algorithms in an Excel document and quickly launched a prototype for testing using a selected group of customers. The BETA version went live and was accessible to all in the summer of 2018.

Less than two years later, we released twelve new key functions and updated dozens of secondary features. Our new product team, established only in 2020, is working on two important aspects: improving the user experience (UX) by combining existing functionalities, and making new releases quicker to keep adding valuable functions to the platform.

1- User Experience (UX) – More intuitive navigation

Organising group flights is a very complex task. Actions that are required depend on how your company or agency is structured, what is expected from your role, and how far developed the idea is of organising group travel somewhere.

We believe we can help you achieve your goals over all the different phases of your journey.

For instance, at the early stage of your group travel project, we support you in finding the destination that really meets your event objectives and travel requirements. We have created a “Destination Finder” function to do this, and every year we also publish the PRO SKY Destination Report. When you know your destination, we inform you of all the travel options to get there using scheduled and chartered flights.

But the journey doesn’t stop there. We don’t want to overburden you with unnecessary emails, phone calls and complex Excel documents. We enable each user to follow the status and progress of their project on Find & Fly via a project overview or main dashboard. This is the perfect way to find the information needed, whenever and wherever you are.

To turn the above elements into a user-friendly interface, we introduced a left menu bar to make navigation easier and meet user needs.

Screenshot of the general dashboard view

2- Quicker and more regular releases with new functions

The innovation process to create new products or services can be done according to schedule. The challenging part is doing it regularly, and to keep making progress and to learn. Success requires more than state-of-the-art methods to increase efficiency (SCRUM, KANBAN etc), as well as collaboration tools (Trello, Slack, Jira to name just a few).

It is, most of all, a matter of company culture.

An organisation and all stakeholders representing it must share the same mindset and wish to shake the industry and change the status quo. Making the impossible possible are not just words. It should happen every day. To put all the odds on our side, we have created a product team specifically focused on our digital products. While this article is being written, we are re-structuring the way we collaborate with internal and external stakeholders.

What’s coming next? We have the ambition to revolutionise the group flight industry to finally offer a simple way for corporates, agencies and all types of organisations to organise group travel in the future. In August 2020, we are re-launching Find & Fly.

From September on, we will improve and release new functions every 4 weeks.

The list of new features to be implemented is quite long, but we will be more than happy to hear suggestions from you. So please get in touch with us to share them.

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