Sharing (Group Flights) is caring

We know our clients are not alone

Instead, they continuously need to exchange with internal and external stakeholders.

Event Planners, Travel Managers or anyone involved in the organisation of group travel often need to collaborate with other stakeholders. They might need to share information within the team, with their line manager or procurement colleagues. It can be the case with external partners who contribute to the event success.

To help them succeed in sharing information, we have developed a new feature "SHARE" on the project detail page.

💌 Available since January 2022, it enables project owners on Find & Fly to invite up to 10 other people to take part in the group flight projects. 



Involve others in your project(s)

You can't track the progress of a project or need to manually update other stakeholders once there is something new?

Check out below the steps to invite someone else to take part in your group flight project on Find & Fly.

  • Go to your project detail page via My Projects overview
  • Click on the SHARE button
  • Insert up to 10 emails
  • Click on SHARE

Please note for security reasons, only project owners who initiated the project are able to invite other people on Find & Fly. 

👇 Check the GIF below 

What does it mean for the invitee(s)?


As the project owner, it is easy to invite someone to join the group flight project on Find & Fly.

What is it like for the people who got invited? Here again, our wish is to make it as simple and intuitive as possible. 

Two scenarios can happen:


The invited people have an account on Find & Fly.

In this case, they receive a notification by email and will directly see the project on their account!


The invited people have not yet an account on Find & Fly.

If so, they will receive an email with the steps to follow in order to create an account in 2-clic. After having completed the registration process, they will directly the project on their Find & Fly account.

How to remove someone from the project?

In case there are participants who don't need to be part of the team, here are the tricks to act as a coach and proceed with substitutions (or expulsion!)

  • Click on the SHARE button, a pop-up window will appear
  • Next to the avatar, click on edit
  • Remove one or more participants by clicking on the trash icon