Travel restrictions | Update Week 33

Changes in travel restrictions in week 33


What has changed in week 33?

Restriction Level 


15.05.2020 Romania extended the entry restrictions until 15 September 2020.

Partially Restrictive
Armenia 14.08.2020 Armenia started allowing entry to passengers and introduced medical screening and quarantine measures. Partially Restrictive

14.08.2020 Greece specified that the medical certificate requirement does not apply to passengers younger than 10 years who are arriving from Bulgaria, Malta, Romania or United Arab Emirates.

13.08.2020 Greece no longer allows entry to nationals and residents of Morocco.

12.08.2020 Greece extended entry restrictions until 31 August 2020. From 17 August 2020, a medical certificate will be required for passengers arriving from Albania, Belgium, Czechia, Netherlands, North Macedonia, Spain and Sweden. 

Partially Restrictive

14.08.2020 Uruguay extended the entry and transit restrictions until further notice.

Totally Restrictive

14.08.2020 Luxembourg removed Morocco from the list of countries whose residents can enter Luxembourg, and excluded residents of 10 countries from the medical certificate requirement.

Partially Restrictive

13.08.2020 The Netherlands no longer allows entry to residents of Morocco.

Partially Restrictive
Sweden 13.08.2020 Sweden started accepting expired passports issued by Sweden with another valid form of identification document. Partially Restrictive
Germany 13.08.2020 Germany introduce a COVID-19 PCR test requirement and provided the website link with details on who must take the test.  Partially Restrictive
Venezuela 12.08.2020 Venezuela extended the flight suspensions until further notice. Totally Restrictive
Qatar 11.08.2020 Qatar specified that nationals of Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates cannot enter with a national ID card. Website link with exemptions from the quarantine has been published.  Partially Restrictive
Norway 11.08.2020 Norway specified that passengers arriving from Belgium, Czechia, France, Sweden (Skane and Kronoberg) or Switzerland must have a confirmed booking of quarantine accommodation for the first 10 days of the stay.  Partially Restrictive
Peru 11.08.2020 Peru suspended flights until further notice.  Totally Restrictive
Finland 10.08.2020 Finland introduced entry restrictions for passengers arriving from Andorra, Belgium and The Netherlands.  Partially Restrictive
Estonia 10.08.2020 Estonia is no longer allowing entry to passenger who reside in Montenegro, Morocco or Serbia. Partially Restrictive

Please note: The information shown only refers to travel restrictions that have changed in the last week. Other active travel restrictions are not listed here. Furthermore, we do not assume any liability for the completeness and correctness of the information provided. If you are planning to travel to a particular country, please actively check the current regulations of the respective official source.

All updated information on IATA website: COVID19 Tavel Regulations Map:

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