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Majestic and historical: China is optimal for group travel

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Majestic. Massive. Historical. Metropolises, conferences, and high-class accommodations attract MICE groups to China. But travelers are particularly fascinated by the more than 5,000-year history of the ancient civilization. Here – between Siberian steppes and tropical islands – customs come to life and ancient traditions invite you to time travel. The country's guests are no longer limited to tea ceremonies, temple visits, and Tai Chi. Because China has discovered a completely new target group for itself: incentive trip guests. For the most famous places in Chinese history, this means new concepts, new visitors, new experiences. For example, MICE groups can now even spend the night on the Great Wall of China. At the watchtowers of Gubeikou, a quieter part of the Wall, you're invited to spend unforgettable nights outdoors. From their tents, guests enjoy magnificent sunrises, a view of imposing mountain landscapes and magical tranquility.

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For groups who dare a little more, there are even trips along the Silk Road. Take a caravan of camels up the Gobi Desert's spectacular sand dunes. Linger there in the oases and ruins to get the sensation of experiencing these trade routes as they were in ancient times. Here, MICE groups learn one thing above all else: to let go. In the midst of a world of sand, the community is paramount, the world becomes an adventure and every new impression is a formative memory. Another great activity to relax: taking part in water calligraphy courses. With a little patience, travelers can learn from locals the art of using large brushes to paint characters on stone slabs. And those who prefer extravagance and glamour? They can conclude their journey with an opulent dinner in the middle of Tai Miao, the ancestral temple of the Forbidden City. This is a privilege coveted by many but granted to few. If you join the elite who have organized this event, the experience will be truly unforgettable.


Are you looking for a destination that is ideally suited for opulent gala dinner, creative and meditative workshops and exceptional incentive travels? Then China is the ideal destination for your group. Here you enjoy an overnight stay on the Great Wall, dare camel riding on the Silk Road and have dinner in the Forbidden City. The flight from Munich to Beijing takes less than ten hours.

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