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Luxurious, but sustainable: Copenhagen is ideal for group travel

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Copenhagen: Oysters from the neighbourhood

With a special focus on fair and regional production, Denmark offers a glimpse into the future of Europe and also inspires with its innovative means of transport. In our PRO SKY Destinations Report 2019 MICE describe the Danes as "environmentally friendly", "modern" and "extremely kind". And the Danes can consider themself lucky for living in one of the happiest countries in the world. Perhaps that's what makes them so innovative. Especially Local projects are recieving a lot of support. Nowadays you can even marvel at community-based aquaculture in the middle of Copenhagen, where the mussels grow in the clean water of former industrial ports. Here groups of up to 25 people can enjoy exquisite mussel dishes and home-grown oysters. 

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Do you like it a little more exquisite? Then the NOMA, four times voted the best restaurant in the world, welcomes you. If you can get a table here, you'll be delighted with delicious treats. Icelandic algae, Faroese deep-sea fish, Greenland musk oxen and sorrel from Danish forests – here nothing is too unusual. The chefs of the restaurant, whose name is a combination of "nordic and mad", are committed to seasonal cuisine, local self-sufficiency, animal welfare and sustainable production. Are you looking for a more active experience? Then you should not enjoy an organic dinner on Denmark's first roof farm, the Gro Spiseri, get right involved, learn something about the plants and book an exclusive cooking course. But there is more to explore in terms of sustainabilityl: City tours with electric boats, visits to the City Bee Project and tours with Me-Movers, a design bicycle invented in Denmark.


You plan workshops on sustainability, weekend incentives or gourmet trips? Then Copenhagen is the right destination for your group.  Here you can visit the mussel farm Maritime Allotments, take part in exciting cooking courses on the roof farm of the restaurant Gro Spiseri or indulge in culinary delights in the star restaurant NOMA. The flight from Düsseldorf to Copenhagen takes only 1.5 hours. 

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