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Mythical and pioneering: Estonia

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Estonia enchants MICE groups with a symbiosis of progress and mindfulness. This is where sustainability is lived, where the future is written. Estonia particularly thrills with its fine dining within breathtaking landscapes. For example, how about an exclusive lunch in the middle of Estonia’s picturesque marshlands?

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Estonia: Forest concerts and fine dining in picturesque marshlands

Otherworldly. Mythical. Pioneering. Experiencing nature – few destinations succeed in doing this as authentically as Estonia. Open-air events are organised with travellers being introduced to local attractions in incomparable surroundings. After a hike, MICE groups can enjoy top-class meals in the midst of a marshland with local berries and herbs being served where they were harvested. Birdsong and violins combine to create an extraordinary symphony, making it easy to understand why even today many Estonians still believe in fairies and spirits from the natural world.

Ideal for incentives and congresses But Estonia has more to offer than just Nordic cuisine and forest concerts. The country is not only one of the greenest countries in the world, but also one of the most advanced. “Young, dynamic, digital and affordable,” Martin Klingler of VOK DAMS Events enthuses about a country where free internet is a basic right. Estonia is not only a fashionable destination for foodies and nature lovers, but also for congresses and motivational trips. “A great incentive destination and good value for money,” says Tamara Welter from IncentivePlus Reisebüro Frenzen.

Many attractions within walking distance The topic of sustainability is omnipresent. “In Estonia’s conference cities (Tallinn, Tartu and Pärnu), everything is so close that you only need 5–10 minutes of healthy, low-carbon walking to get to most places,” states the Estonian Convention Bureau. Cities offer environmentally sensitive activities as well as unusual meeting locations such as the Estonian Maritime Museum, located at the seaplane port, and the Kadriorg Palace.

Fresh winds and new worlds “The Baltic states are still somewhat undiscovered,” says Gabriele Prei­singer from the Full Moon Group event agency. This is definitely one of the best arguments to put Estonia at the top of the list of next destinations. Although the republic on the Baltic is easy to reach, the country still holds a mystery for many.

Simply rent your own island Very few people know that it is even possible to rent an entire island in Estonia. Viirelaid is the name of a tiny plot of land in the wild seas off Estonia, which can accommodate up to 80 people and is accessible only by boat. What makes this roadless and habourless island so special is that you can walk around the entire island in just a few minutes.

500 lambs and 1 lighthouse Its highlight is the bright red lighthouse built in 1880. It rises not only above the island’s small buildings, including a restaurant and conference rooms, but also its animal inhabitants: 500 lambs, 3 rabbits and 1 fox.

Swimming with sea lions The island offers many activities, for example, enjoying local delicacies at a table in the sea, but the most popular among guests is probably to watch and swim with sea lions. You can warm up afterwards in a 100 m2 sauna perfect for those who previously attended a course on the mainland on making sauna hats and brooms (e.g. at the Estonian National Museum). This is where the original souvenirs come into their own.

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  • Moorland hike (incl. berry picking) followed by fine dining in picturesque moors (on request with forest concert)
  • Lunch with feet in the sea on Viirelaid
  • Swimming with wild sea lions
  • Ethnographic group workshops at the Estonian National Museum (e.g. making sauna hats and brushes)
  • Making sustainable straws from reed on the island of Saaremaa (on request with name/logo)


  • Viirelaid private island (50–80 p.)
  • Seaplane port (50–100 p.)
  • Kadriorg Palace (200 p.)

INTERESTING FACTS: In Estonia, free internet use is a fundamental right and WLAN is available almost everywhere.

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