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Albania: River walks & waterfall picnics for adventurous

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Meandering between ancient gorges and untouched landscapes are Albania’s blue jewels: Europe’s last remaining wild river, the Vjosa, the rugged Devoll and the Osum which cuts through an impressive canyon. No roads follow the course of the river and settlements are located far away on high plateaus. It’s where the Balkans reveal their most enchanting sides.

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Albania: River walks & waterfall picnics for adventurous

Unforgettable river hikes
Wade through cool waters and follow dragonflies glistening in the sun through the miles of gorges. When you follow the Osum through the astonishing rock walls of the canyon, you’ll be instantly enchanted with its tortoises and passages, where you can only get ahead by swimming. Few places within Europe exude such charm and entice travellers with adventures off the beaten track.

Wild. Refreshing. Unspoilt.
“Albania is authentic, original and uncrowded,” enthuses Sabrina Eckinger, Project Manager Groups & MICE at DER Touristik & Incentive. In fact, the Balkan country is rarely visited, and for many it is completely unknown. This is precisely what makes the destination so exciting for many. “It’s close by, inexpensive and makes many curious,” says Andreas Schürrle from the MICE agency CONFIDENTL. It is precisely the unknown that makes Albania a trend destination, sums up Oliver Jamitzky from the event agency ten&one.

Picnic at a waterfall
The region’s waterfalls are also impressive. Especially recommended for groups are picnics at the Sotira waterfalls. If you set off early, you can enjoy this fairytale place in complete silence and will be rewarded with an incomparable view of the up to 100 m high waterfalls. In the cooling spray from the multitude of streams, local delicacies such as Byrek (filled puff pastry pockets) taste twice as good. It will be a breakfast you won’t forget.

Adventurous communication
Pay close attention when chatting with the locals. Travellers are warmly welcomed and showered with hospitality, especially in rural areas, but there is a tradition that often causes a lot of confusion: in Albania, nodding means ‘no’ and shaking your head means ‘yes’.

Woodcarving in Gjirokastra
If you are asked to attend a handicraft course in Gjirokastra, you should therefore shake your head vehemently because awaiting MICE groups here is instruction in woodcarving. Under professional guidance signs, necklaces, key rings & mirrors can be created as personal souvenirs in just three hours.

By cable car to the event location
Albania also impresses with its extraordinary event locations. How about a conference 1000 metres above sea level? The restaurant Ballkoni Dajti is part of the cable car system in Tirana, the capital of Albania, which also allows spectacular views over the metropolis during the journey. Right next door is the rotating bar of the Dajti Tower.

Grand finale
But you’d be wrong to think that Albania is only about adventure. For example, after a few thrilling days in nature, a gala dinner at the Iliria Palace is an appealing option. No trip offers a more glamorous end than can be experienced here between fountains, ballrooms and opulent parks.



  • River hike along the Osum
  • Picnics at the Sotira waterfalls
  • Woodcarving in Gjirokastra


  • Dajti Ekspres (15-200 P.)
  • Iliria Palace
  • Rogner Hotel Tirana (12-400 P.)

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