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Pulsating. Cosmopolitan. Different: Berlin is a MICE favourite

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“Super location, good price level, mega destination,” enthuse our MICE experts. Berlin is one of the undisputed favourites for MICE planners. “Many trade fairs” and the “short journey” from other European capitals make the German capital a true MICE destination. We reveal the nine reasons that make Berlin so special.

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Berlin: Pulsating. Cosmopolitan. Different.

1. Cosmopolitanism
Where else can you find an LGTBI guide for city visitors? Where else is the mix of people as colourful as here? In Berlin, it seems, everyone is welcome. Here everyone seems to feel at home. The punk, the fashion designer, the eco-activist, the businesswoman. The city is colourful, free and always a bit ahead of its time. Here, strangers quickly feel welcome.

2. Authentic activities
How about a Trabant safari? Or the production of your own Currywurst? A lot is possible in Berlin. You can also spontaneously book a bunker tour or graffiti workshops in abandoned ruins.

3. Pulsating nightlife
Berlin, the city that never sleeps. There are no curfews here. If you like, you can celebrate the whole weekend without a break, get tasty snacks around the clock and get to know new people at any time. Boredom is a thing of the past here.

4. Poor but sexy?
Berlin is relatively affordable compared to other metropolises. Here a good coffee doesn't cost the world. Rents are still affordable in comparison to other world metropolises. This way you can experience a lot here even without a lot of money.

5. History to touch
Make the past tangible, integrate it into the cityscape and don't forget the
educational factor. In Berlin, history can be touching and thrilling. Here it comes to life and allows visitors to experience lasting impressions. Get ready for some time travel!

6. Creative stronghold
Berlin is a stronghold of German artists. No wonder Berlin is considered one of the most creative cities in Europe. Here is room for new ideas, start-ups and extraordinary business ideas. A place where dreams can come true.

7. Congresses of a different kind
A motivation workshop on the track record of Usain Bolt in the Olympic Stadium? A flaming speech in the Willy Brandt House? No problem in Berlin!

8. Green city centre
In Berlin, city life and green oases are not mutually exclusive. The city
has 439,195 street trees and over 10,000 hectares of pure recreational area. With this much of green, you can relax in the middle of the city and recharge your batteries for new adventures.

9. Cultural extravagance
David Bowie once said that Berlin was the greatest cultural extravagance one
could imagine. And that says almost everything. Here the most diverse influences merge to a bizarre but all the more exciting mix of music, cuisine and people. Something everybody should experience at least once.

Our conclusion: Berlin manages the balancing act between its future and its past like hardly any other metropolis in the world. The city in three words: pulsating, cosmopolitan, different. Berlin is always a bit unusual. And that's exactly what makes it so endearing and exciting—not only for Berliners themselves, but also for our MICE experts.



  • Trabisafari
  • Making your own Currywurst
  • Bunker tour
  • Graffiti workshops in abandoned ruins
  • Urban Gardening

INTERSTING FACT: Berlin counts 439,195 street trees and over 10,000
hectares of pure recreational space.

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