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Romance of Puszta and kettle gulash: Experience Hungary's wild side

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Budapest remains very popular with MICE experts. Angelina Pego from Change Events Consulting describes the destination enthusiastically as “young”, while Sarah Dittrich from Creative Travel GmbH praises above all the “combination of lifestyle and city bustle”. Budapest is fashionable like never before. However, MICE groups still too rarely venture beyond the city limits. But it’s the areas around the capital where you can immerse yourself in the real Hungary. So it’s time to discover the country’s wilder side.

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Romance of Puszta and kettle gulash: Experience Hungary's wild side

Legendary horse herders
In the Puszta, probably the most beautiful steppe plain in Europe, in the Hortobágy National Park, you can be gently introduced to the once tough ways of country life. About two hours’ drive from Budapest, Hungarian Csikós horse herders demonstrate their riding skills, balancing on the backs of galloping animals and sharing their centuries-old tradition.

By horse-drawn carriage into the steppe
The trip also includes a carriage ride through the steppe, getting close to grazing buffalo and cattle. But be careful. “When water buffalo attack, they are faster than a horse,” warns the carriage driver with a loud laugh.

Passionate. Care-free. Alluring.
To really get the authentic Hungary experience and feel the renowned romance of the Puszta, you’ll need to go even deeper into the grasslands, where there are small farms and families who still keep wool pigs. Locals are happy to show travellers their culture, invite them to farm festivals and share recipes handed down by great-grandmothers.

Kettle goulash and milk cake
The most important part of an original Puszta evening is kettle goulash cooked over an open fire. While the meat is slowly simmering and a milk cake is baked, there is dancing & philosophising about recipes and the right mix of seasoning. An evening amongst smoke, stories and countryside idyll.

Riding in the Kiskunság National Park
Those passionate about the Hungarian landscape and equestrian culture will head for the El Bronco Ranch. A total of 40 horses will be waiting here to offer MICE groups particularly authentic rides. Those experienced in horseback riding can also book tours through the Kiskunság National Park taking several days. High up in the saddle, you’ll experience how horse herders must have felt here once. Exhausted, but free and content.

Travelling in traditional caravans
A little more comfort is available by travelling in traditional caravans. These are pulled by horses to enable you to experience the impressive landscape in an authentic but more comfortable way. The Hungarian Equestrian Tourism Association helps to organise the tours for MICE groups.

Parties & banquets in a thermal bath
Everyone deserves some relaxation. So how about a visit to the St. Gellért Thermal Bath? The baths are more than one hundred years old and inspire with impressive architecture as well as the opportunity to hire the location for events. Not only pool parties are celebrated here but also conferences and banquets for up to 250 people.

An underground wine route
If an evening location is required that’s more traditional while also being creative, the Zaborsky Wine Cellar is recommended. Guests can celebrate & dine along an underground wine route. No less than ten wine regions are represented here with house façades to offer a rustic event location.



  • Goulash cooking & riding in the steppe
  • Travelling in traditional caravans
  • Parties in the thermal bath


  • St. Gellért Thermal Bath (450 p.)
  • Zaborsky Wine Cellar (500 p.)
  • Budapest History Museum (130 p.)


CONTACT: El Bronco Ranch | | and Hungarian Equestrian Tourism A. | |


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