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Unforgettable desert nights in Jordan: In the footsteps of Beduins

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Coffee roasted over an open fire, warm desert winds, nights under a starry sky. While opening up to the world, Jordan has retained its centuries-old Bedouin culture. The Arab country is known for its ancient monuments, but more for its hospitality. Perhaps this is the most beautiful place to encounter oriental traditions.

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Unforgettable desert nights in Jordan: In the footsteps of Beduins

Impressive. Mysterious. Magical.
Jordan gives you a sense of boundlessness. Between red sandstone and the Wadi Rum desert – the Valley of the Moon – history seems to stand still. Over thousands of years, winds have formed the environment into impressive canyons and crater landscapes. Temple complexes and rock paintings up to 4000 years old still bear witness to the nomadic tribe of the Nabataeans.

Steam train journeys into the past
History can come alive again in some places. MICE groups can, for example, take a trip by steam train. Not far from where Lawrence of Arabia – celebrated by the Bedouins for their liberation from the Ottomans – once blew up railway tracks, Bedouins on horses suddenly appear beside the train. For a moment, the raid seems so realistic that you get the feeling of being in the midst of the legendary 1916 uprising.

Banqueting among Bedouins
Rather than fierce warriors, a group of hospitable horse riders awaits passengers, who are then invited to a Bedouin banquet. The train journey thus comes to an unexpected end and the travellers suddenly find themselves gathered around a large banquet of traditional dishes.

Unforgettable desert nights
Also after dusk, guests can marvel at the desert’s endless expanse and spend the night in a traditional Bedouin tent, Royal Tent or comfortable Martian Dome with views to the stars.

“The dome tents give guests a unique combination of luxury and authenticity,” promises the SunCity Camp. Attention to detail is evident in every corner, and gazing at the moon from a comfortable bed has something very special about it.

Event in the Gorge of Petra
No less spectacular is the sight of illuminated façades in the Khazne al-Firaun within the ruins of Petra. Sculpted directly from the rock, the 45-metre high temple entrance forms a unique backdrop to exclusive events, taking guests back to ancient Jordan. A magical silence returns to the place where during the day multitudes of visitors have marvelled at the world cultural heritage site. Between candles and pink sandstone, a space is created for memorable presentations, emotional concerts and incomparable events.

Learning the art of mosaics
To take some of this ancient, fascinating culture home with you, a mosaic course is recommended for small groups. In Madaba – the city of mosaics – travellers can get professional instruction on the traditional technique of assembling pieces of sandstone, glass and marble into small works of art.

Simply floating
Also essential for many is to bathe in the Dead Sea. Its high salt content means it is easy for people to float on the water’s surface and even read a book while swimming. We recommend a visit to the Zohar Hot Springs Beach.



  • Steam train ride & Bedouin dinner
  • Sleeping under desert skies
  • Mosaic courses


  • Feynan Ecolodge (20 p.)
  • Gorge of Petra (in the evening)
  • Aqaba Castle

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