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Refreshing. Small. Cozy: Group travel to Malta is high on the agenda

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“What a feeling,” our MICE experts are enthusiastic about the Mediterranean island. Malta was one of the strongest newcomers in the ranking of 2019. But this is not really surprising when you take a closer look. The island state is rich in contrasts, and “market access is easy.” We reveal our nine reasons why Malta is rightly regarded as one of the most popular destinations

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Malta: Small. Cozy. Refreshing.

1. Cultural melting pot
Here Mediterranean flair meets African but also British influences. A little bit of Italy, a little of Spain. It feels as if the best of everything is coming together in Malta. The mix couldn't be more exciting, and it attracts many MICE groups to the picturesque island.

2. Winter beach holiday
Malta is one of the warmest Mediterranean islands. You can even swim in the sea in December. A destination, perfect to escape the winter blues.

3. Nimble water taxis
Do you want to move quickly from one place to another? In Malta, it often makes sense to hop into one of the many water taxis to be taken to your destination in just a few minutes.
This is not only efficient, but makes every small trip a special experience.

4. True sustainability
Malta proves that tourism and sustainability do not have to be mutually exclusive with offers that combine diving with cleaning activities on the seabed. And who can claim to have cleaned up the Mediterranean?

5. Optimal for incentive trips
Swim in the Mediterranean Sea with tuna or whiz over the water on jet skis for a special thrill. Those who love activities on the water will find everything their heart desires in Malta: diving safaris, kayaking, sailing trips or windsurfing on the azure sea.

6. Strolling through film sets
Whether for James Bond or for Game of Thrones: The island state is a popular location for filming. Perhaps the most spectacular spot is the Popeye Village. Even today you can admire the scenic city, which was built in the 70s for a film about the comic hero.

7. Culinary Highlights
For those for whom travelling also meansletting themselves indulge in culinary delights, Malta will be a great choice. Due to the various cultural influences, the the island state's cuisine is extremely varied. Here one experiences a fusion of Italian and Greek cuisine, which brought delicious dumplings, fish dishes and rabbit stew to light.

8. Island hopping
In addition to the main island, Malta, the islands Gozo and Gomino also are part of the archipelago, so you can discover a new spot every day.

9. Unusual event locations
Are you looking for a extraordinary place? Whether monastery, historical palace or Ggantija temple, sites in Malta will inspire when you need an event location with special flair.

Our conclusion: Malta is a true paradise in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. Those who do not visit it during the high season can enjoy the beauty of the country in peace and experience the diverse culture of the island with all their senses. As Malta is not very big, just a few days on the spot are enough to discover the country. To sum it up: Malta is perfect for short trips!



  • Dives to clean up the sea
  • Strolling through film sets
  • Island hopping
  • Swimming with tunas
  • Kayaking, sailing trips and windsurfing 

INTERSTING FACT: 93 per cent of Maltese believe they will benefit from EU membership.

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