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Congenial & charming: You'll quickly feel at home in Munich

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 Are you are looking for a modern metropolis perfect for incentive trips with traditional activities, team-building sessions with an adrenaline kick, and conference facilities? Then Munich is the right destination for your group. You can attend a beer brewing course, Weißwurst sausage seminar and yodelling workshop to experience Bavarian culture. Or if you prefer heart-pumping activities, you can raft over the Isar or abseil from the roof of the Olympic Stadium.

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Munich: yodelling courses, fairytale castles and raft regattas

Traditional, adventurous, trendy. Munich has much more to offer than just its Oktoberfest and football. The Bavarian capital has long since become a business metropolis and is now known for its beer gardens and its parties, modern infrastructure and internationally renowned companies. You'll find high-tech and nature here. Progress and tradition. Fine dining and light snacks. Munich is a cosmopolitan city with charm, making it perfect for incentives, team-building and conferences.

Visit Munich and discover Bavaria. If you lack the time to explore the whole of Bavaria, Munich is the perfect place to get to know its culture in just a few hours, as it boasts a wide range of activities with regional flair. Bavarian culture is a living thing in Munich, and groups can take part in traditions such as a brewing course with master brewer Sepp or a Weißwurst sausage seminar with refreshments. Being a spectator is a thing of the past. Here, you take part. Especially popular are gingerbread heart decorating workshops and excursions in the surrounding area, including a yodelling course. You'll soon feel at home as a visitor to Munich.

Team-building between country air and city flair. If your goal is to boost team spirit, you can choose from a sociable afternoon, an exhilarating adventure, and an adrenaline kick in a unique atmosphere. For example, carefully planned farmers' Olympics can be organised in the Munich area with tasks such as a tractor course and welly wanging. If, however, you want a more exhilarating challenge, building rafts in teams and then organising a regatta may be closer to what you are looking for. Even more action can be had by abseiling down from the roof of the Munich Olympic Stadium.

A place for pleasure. It's also perfectly okay to relax and enjoy the surroundings. After a long conference, perhaps you need a calm raft trip on the Isar, a traditional tour of the castles in the surrounding countryside, or fine dining in the Michelin-star restaurant at BMW Welt. Train travel can also be luxurious in Munich. You are sure to have a very special journey when you book the Luxon private train with its panoramic roof.

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  • Brewing course with master brewer Sepp incl. unlimited beer supply
  • Weißwurst sausage seminar incl. refreshments
  • Decorating and icing gingerbread hearts
  • Yodelling seminar incl. a countryside hike
  • Farmers' Olympics with tractor course + welly wanging, etc.
  • Raft building incl. regatta or raft trip on the Isar
  • Castle tour through surrounding area (e.g. Neuschwanstein Castle)
  • Tour above the Olympic Stadium roof incl. abseiling or zip wire


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