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Ecological and exciting: Norway is ideal for group travel

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Feast with Vikings

Norway means: Back to the roots. The trend for MICE travel? Genuine contact with nature. The result: openair conferences, seminars in tents on ice, workshops in forest huts and events on historic sailing ships. Norway offers something new – and it's so close! What else makes the Scandinavian country attractive for MICE experts? It is “safe”, “environmentally friendly”, “easy to reach” from Central and western Europe, “exciting” and “innovative”. You want to inspire your guests? Here this is achieved above all through interactive activities in an authentic environment. Visitors to Norway should perceive it with all their senses. The sound of wood crackling in the fire, the smell of sweet smoke, the taste of slowly stewed leg.

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However, if you want to discover Norway from its most beautiful side, you must do one thing above all else: explore Norway's nature. You can throw axes, row in Viking boats or go ice fishing. What will you discover beneath the surface? Here Norway delights not only with a crystal clear view, but also with an extraordinary underwater world. While other places offer a variety of species, Norway's lakes and fjords offer a view of a special kind. Historical shipwrecks, flooded forests and even entire underwater villages can be admired at a depth of around twelve metres. If you lack a diving licence but have a desire for thrills, choose glacier hikes and ice climbing activities. These will strengthen team spirit in a breathtaking setting. Or you can go deep-sea fishing accompanied by local fishermen. Here, with a little luck, you will not only land a spectacular catch, which can be grilled during a campfire in the evening, but also have the chance to admire humpback whales, orcas, bottlenose dolphins, minke whales or even blue whales at close range while being on the open sea.


Are you planning incentive travels with adventure flair, open-air conferences seminars on ecology? Then Norway could be the destination you are looking for. Here you can enjoy a Viking dinner at the Langhaus, go deep-sea fishing and try ice climbing. The flight from Hamburg to Oslo takes only 1,5 hours. 

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