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Join more than 4.000 users worldwide

There’s an easier way to organize group flights worldwide. We help you get the best price, brainstorm and find the right destination for your future event.

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Did you know that charter flights open up a whole new range of destinations? We empower you to find the best among thousands of options based on your own criteria. Do you need inspiration? Check our Destination Guide or use our Destination Finder to see where you can go within your budget.

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Are you an event planner?


Are you an event planner?

To plan an outstanding event, you probably need to be creative and deal with a large amount of data. We give you ideas and inspiration on travel, make it easy for you to compare destination options and simplify organizing group flights for your event.

Are you a purchasing manager?

You are probably looking for ways to manage and optimize travel expenditure on group flights. We are confident you will love our price estimation tool to better forecast future travel costs, and our travel reporting tool to enable you to track costs according to market, project and period (available on request).


Are you a travel planner?

In addition to adding charter flight expertise to your capabilities, we also save you time and energy before, during and after your trip. Use our end-to-end group flight services to make preparing, booking and managing corporate group travel easier than ever before.

Are you a happiness manager?

You might lack experience in organizing group flights. We help you by simplifying every step of the journey, for example, the selection of the best destination based on your needs. We’ll be happy to make you happy!


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